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Deal Planner

Work out what will get you the votes, from every decision maker. Download a Deal Planner for free!

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Account Planner

Work with your team to keep your clients working with you. Download an Account Planner for free!

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Selling Conversations

An alternative to re-inventing wheels. Download the Selling Conversations approach for free, yes really!

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Lead Generation

Stop using shotgun tactics, download Lead Generation in a joined up world, why Rifleshot Marketing is good for you, (probably)

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Sales Methodologies, the smoke and mirrors

Itís in the interest of sales methodology companies to make it as complex as they can. Download Sales Methodologies, the smoke, the mirrors (and a little bit of truth) to explore the facts.

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Why don't CRMs Work?

There are many reasons why itís tough to implement a CRM so, get a head start by downloading a free copy of Why donít CRMs Work? ...and how you can buck the trend?

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